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If you’re trying to find a completely mobile local dent maintenance and repair service in Monkton, South Wales, then look no further than our Dentmaster Swansea professionals, each have over 20 years of experience in the removal of automobile dings and dents and provide a convenient mobile vehicle damage repair work service around South Wales and the surrounding Welsh valleys.

Please don’t hesitate to read the below info and give us a call for aid and suggestions with any automobile dent associated issues you may have.

What is – PDR Removal

Paintless damage repair service or removal (PDR) is a quick and expense reliable strategy made use of to fix small dings, damages and creases in car’s etc by pressing and massaging the metal back into its original shape, leaving the automobile paintwork undamaged. PDR is an extremely proficient process where minor parking dents are gotten rid of from your vehicle’s panels without the pricey and time consuming need for traditional body shop repairs.

Paint less damage repair service (PDR) can eliminate the requirement for panel beating and re spraying, and the high expenses usually associated with repairing these minor dings and damages. By utilizing this low expense repair work method, you could possibly include 15 % or more to your cars value whilst also saving money on more costly body store repair services.

Key benefits.

  • Maintain your vehicle’s recurring values. According to statistics, the value of the typical used automobile can be reduce by as much as 15 % with the presence of cosmetic damages.
  • Low expense. Our Repairs are significantly more affordable than conventional bodyshop repair works. For Fleet users and personal customers we can significantly reduce your end of lease charges.
  • Convenience. Many dent repair works can be finished within an hour and can be lugged out at your home or place of work.
  • Manufacturer’s service warranty. As the paintwork remains initial there is no conflict with your vehicle’s maker’s service warranty.
  • Discounts for regular clients or for numerous dents in the same automobile.
  • Environmentally sound. This is the ultimate in recycling as all there are no brand-new materials needed. As there are no chemicals involved in our procedure so there are likewise no unsafe emissions.
  • Main Dealer Approved.
  • Over 20 Years Experience.

Paintless Dent Removal the Process

The damage repair procedure includes using different customized created ding removal tools that are applied to the within of the dented panel and are used to massage the dent out.
It’s a completely mobile service– so can be performed at your house or place of work at your convenience.

To start the maintenance and repair process, our professional will certainly first access to the within the dented panel. A lit up Perspex panel is then usually utilized to highlight your dent. The dent is then rubbed out utilizing hand/eye co-ordination and our unique paintless damage repair service metal rods using take advantage of and the skill of the technician.

Generally in less than an hour, your dent will be massaged out with no damage to your vehicle paintwork. We can repair dings and damages on nearly any automobile panel of an average car, as long as the paint has not been fractured or harmed prior to the repair work, and there is access to the dent type behind.

Our damage repair technicians in South Wales can conserve you both money and time with our mobile damage maintenance and repair and restoration service. Phone Now for Help and Advice concerning your minor dings and damages especially if you are located in South Wales.

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If your automobile needs some small  Paintwork Damage repairs or you require someone to take those Chips Away, then we might be able to assist. We can also provide repairs to  Car Bumpers, Seats and small Scratches to automobile paintwork, as well as Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, just phone for help or recommendations.


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